Raw Diet

by funnylittlestories

Part of my rediscovery journey is to attempt something new weekly. For this week, I am attempting the raw diet, eating only uncooked (well, cooking below 40C is ok!), unprocessed food. So basically, my diet consists of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts! The first day was pretty tough to be honest. I was hungry a lot and was craving for something savoury! Thank god my colleague is doing it with me and have previously done it once! She rescued my savoury tooth and made a really simple and easy salad with a sprinkle of salt for lunch. I am still figuring out what I can make with the limited choices of food but I realized that it is all about being creative!

My menu for today

Breakfast: a handful of almonds/cashews, an orange
Snack: quarter of a papaya
Lunch: beetroot, lettuce, orange, orange pepper, cucumber with lemon juice + olive oil as dressing
Snack: dragon fruit
Pre-dinner: banana
Dinner: to be decided

On top of that, I drink lots of water and tea! I do not want to starve myself and this diet isn’t about losing weight! I have heard personal testimonies about how going on a raw diet can change your energy levels, moods, and skin! I thought to myself, ‘there is absolutely no harm in trying it for a week!’ I will write throughout the week and report the progress!