Bucket List

1. Open a center for children with developmental disabilities in Malaysia

2. Volunteer 1/2 year in some where rural

3. Drive on Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica

4.  Sky-dive

5. Interrail in Europe

6. Surf a big wave

7. Jump off a cliff

8. Explore Galapagos

9. Backpack in Spain

10. Travel somewhere alone

11. Get my Master’s Degree

12. Publish a paper

13. Learn to sing and play the ukulele

14. Start something creative

15. Run a half marathon

16. Hike Mt. Kinabalu

17. Buy a house

18. Own a creamery (Ice cream makes people happy, or me at least!)

19. Start a family

20. Own less than 100 items at age 60

21. Record playing music and singing in the deep forest

22. Run in a foreign place while traveling

23. Start a business

24. Hitch-hike somewhere

25. Spend a week in the rural