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We were on a hill!

by funnylittlestories

Last night, some friends and I decided to explore Hampstead Heath in the dark after pubbing (yes, I have adopted the English culture). The Garden Gate pub we went to was actually really nice, cozy and yummy! Ash and I had cider and chips! Quite English!
Right after dinner, we set off to the park with a cookie in our hands! It was quite scary as the entire park is so huge and unlit! Following my guidance, we did make it up to parliament hill just fine and saw the beautiful London city lights. We were all at awe.
For me, it sometimes can be overwhelming living in such a busy city. People are always rushing somewhere and places are constantly crowded. It is definitely a city that never, or rarely sleeps. Seeing the city from the hill did put me in a better perspective and more able to appreciate living in London.
Well the night ended with another pub session where some of us pretended to have the English accent! It was all in good fun and laugh.







A date with chocolate.

by funnylittlestories

Despite my busy, lifeless schedule (finals are in three days!! eeekk!), we decided that we deserve a break and attended the once-a-year chocolate festival in Southbank! An hour of visiting became almost three hours of chocolate tasting, hot cocoa drinking and chocolate shopping! There were so many interesting, pretty looking chocolate that I have previously not seen or heard of. We tried some Cayenne chocolate, rose chocolate (which I didnt fancy), earl grey chocolate and so many more! Kamanda and I, the chocoholics were definitely satisfied! 



These are my purchases of today! Sending the ‘I love you’ to my daddy! Isn’t it cute? 🙂


Camping in the library

by funnylittlestories

Finals are coming up and a bunch of us are frequenting the library, attempting to be productive. I am quite nervous but doing my best to prepare for it. Mind maps seem to work pretty alright so far! Next step, writing some practice essays! It has been a year since I had to write an essay! haha wish me luck!



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There has been a lot of hype about WinterWonderland in London. Apparently, it is the place to be during this winter with an ice skating rink, theme park rides, and a Christmas market. When we went, the entire park was packed with people (definitely our fault for choosing a Sunday evening to visit). We were walking an inch apart, well almost! The crowd definitely overwhelmed me the most about the place. We strolled down the market and found some yummy food (a little overpriced) but still good. In some ways, it definitely brought back memories of my German trip last Christmas. It was one of my favorite Christmases. After visiting the Christmas markets in Germany, I am pretty convinced that no other markets could top it. Here are some snippets of my evening: 


It is finally the time of the year!

by funnylittlestories

A few of us decided to relax and explored around covent garden this evening after class. The entire place was filled with fairy lights and decorated with festival ornaments. As we were strolling down the streets, we were accompanied by merry Christmas music. It felt quite magical and exciting! We then rewarded ourselves with yummy woodfire baked pizza and famous ben’s cookies (If you ever come to London, you need to try Ben’s cookies! It is the best!). That was actually exactly what we needed after a long day in class. Thursdays are my longest days in the week; we start at 9sih in the morning and end at 6 in the evening. That’s a full working day! I am definitely looking forward to the holiday after my finals in two weeks.


Ohh.. Did I mention that it might start snowing this Monday? hehe. I am super excited!

Wine and Study

by funnylittlestories

Finals are in two weeks and I have been trying to study. What is better than studying with wine? 😉




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Thanksgiving is a very American celebration with a lot of food and this year, we have brought it over to our little house in London! We invited a bunch of friends over for dinner and started preparing the house and food in the early afternoon. As the big bird stood in the oven for hours, we took a little break with wine and ‘love actually’ then back to cooking the sides. The night turned out great with yummy food (I personally made zucchini fritters that turned out really delicious), tons of wine and good fun!

To end the day on a good note, I am thankful for the happiness in my life. 


Girls just want to have fun.

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We met when we were 9.

by funnylittlestories


I had to say goodbye to a primary school friend that is really dear to me. We have bonded over the period of a month being in London. It is funny because we have previously not spoken to each other for 10 years! I find it so amusing how life took us apart and brought us back together in England. No one would have guessed. She will definitely be missed and I will see her soon again in Malaysia. Friends like this are hard to find. When I find one, I’d like to keep them.

Have a safe flight, Amanda! I am so excited for the upcoming events for you! xoxo

Dinner for two

by funnylittlestories

Amanda and I both have been craving for Mac n Cheese for awhile now so we decided to make it from scratch! The recipe we found on food network turned out quite easy and tasted amazing. To make ourselves feel better and healthier, we made a side of broccoli and sautéed zucchini to go with it. It was all so yummy.