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My First GIF

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Trees are already bald in Denmark

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I spent the weekend over at one of my best friend’s place in a urban harbor area call Aarhus, Denmark. My first impression when we drove from the airport to downtown is that the entire place is so hilly and bare! There are so many undeveloped lands in the outskirts. Once in a awhile, you will catch a glimpse of a big house with sheep in their huge backyard. It is quite beautiful actually. The weekend consisted a lot of catching up over great food, wine, beer and amazing Swedish ciders. We strolled down the harbor, downtown, her university and stumbled upon so many beautiful old buildings that are over 100 years old. I enjoyed my time in their company and great hospitality.  The highlight of my trip has to be when we played in the pile of dried leaves close to the park! I sound like a kid i know but many have said that the best part of life is being a kid.

Aarhus is actually quite a young, creative town. This is where the cool kids hang out. Image
A famous Danish street artist’s work.
My last night there consisted of pigging out on Swedish cider, Danish sweets and Finnish licorice.

Anne and Thomas, Tak for din gæstfrihed!

It means shower in Danish

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It is funny when we stumble upon foreign words that looks familiar but mean entirely different!


Good morning Denmark!

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Tree Hugger

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I love trees!


Photo taken in York.


Donuts can be kinky.

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If you want to try some kinky donuts, make your way to York!


Temple of A Thousand Bells

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We stumbled upon this beautiful little temple on the way to the walls of York. Inside were dainty bells hung from the roof of the building with nylon strings. We were told that this is based on an ancient legend of the temple of a thousand bells that was built on an island. Over the centuries, the island sank into the ocean and with it, the temple. It was mentioned that a sailor attempted to collect all the missing bells just to hear the sounds of those bells again. They recreated the story with the bells in this little St Mary’s Temple in York and is open for the public to view and experience the legend once again.

It is funny and amazing what we stumbled upon without a plan in mind. This is definitely the perks of traveling without an itinerary!



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When you are in Yorkshire, you have to try their Yorkshire pudding! It is not what you think pudding is, well at least to me at first! It is not vegetarian friendly but I tried the crust and it was yummy 😉



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This weekend has been filled with nothing but laughter, joy and amazing-ness! I spent an entire day exploring York with beautiful Ashley from California. Let me try summing up our day trip in York: We had breakfast in a room filled with old couples, got lost, almost attacked by ducks, tried Turkish delight (not a fan), had Yorkshire ice cream (huge fan), got stalked by an Italian man, approached by an old man asking whether we both speak English, stumbled upon a church with thousand bells, walked on the (600000 years old?) walls, hugged trees and got a little love from the earth on ourselves. Basically we had no idea where to go the entire day but it sure turned out alright, better than alright in fact. The highlight has to be our train ride to Preston where a group of football fans got on the train (we thought we were gonna die!) and sang/talked through the rest of our journey. I can’t imagine what could be better than to experience it all with a great friend.









Gothic and Beautiful

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I visited Westminster Abbey some days ago and was blown away by its beauty. The abbey is massive inside, the architecture is a masterpiece from the 13th centuries. You could attend daily worships there or just pay to visit during their visiting hours. Be prepared for tons of tourists and be in awe of what you see.